5 Creative Projects You Can Print From Home

You may use your home printer for printing off letters, forms and other boring stuff. But what about the more creative projects that you can use your home printer for? There are loads of things that you can print off using your home printer. All you need is a good printer and suitable printer ink cartridges.

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few of the top home printing projects to get you started.

1. Invitations

Next time you send out an invitation, design it on your printer and then print it at home. You don’t need an expensive printer to make stunning and personalised invitations for a birthday party, or any other celebration or gathering, a regular printer with coloured ink cartridges will usually produce amazing results. So make your invitations unique and save money by printing them out at home.

2. Party Decorations

You can end up spending a fortune on decorations when you hold a party, but you needn’t. Kreativ leg It is very easy to print off paper decorations using your home printer and if it’s a colour printer, even better! If you struggle with the design of your decorations, don’t panic. help is at hand. There are a variety of websites that offer free design templates that you can easily customise with images and then print off, making the whole job very easy.

3. Calendars

Why bother buying a new calendar when you can print one at home? Again, there are lots of free designs that you can use when you want to print a calendar, so have a quick search online and see what you can come up with. What better gift to give a loved one or friend than a calendar of events reminding them of special times you have had together.

4. Return Address Labels

Do you regularly send letters? Then why not print off some attractive return address labels to stick onto the back of your letters and personalise them? You can use photos, colourful designs or anything else you want to. Then just print the labels onto self-adhesive paper and you’re done.

5. Luggage Tags

Going travelling? Make sure your luggage does not get lost by printing out some distinctive luggage tags. Use your own designs or find some free ones online, and then insert your address details and print them out at home. You could even laminate the tags to keep them protected while you travel.

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