Air Pollution – Recognize the Serious Effects For Your Health

Pollution may be a hazardous threat for us. Pollution can be classified into water, air, and soil pollution. Air is the most essential thing for our lives. Everyday we need air to breath. You can imagine how air pollution can affect our health if we breathe polluted air too much.

Air pollution is a condition in which there are a lot of contaminants in it including particulate matter, biological materials, or chemicals. Those contaminants can lead to health problem for us. Also, it is able to damage the environment and the atmosphere.

What are the effects of air pollution for our health?

The effect of the air pollution for our health can comes in some ways including long-term effects and short-term effects. Different individuals may experience different effects since they have different level of immune system. Some are more sensitive to any pollutants such as young children and older people. However, the effects depend mostly on the exposure to the pollutants. The exposure includes the concentration of the chemicals as well as the exposure duration. It will be more risky for those who suffer from asthma, lung and heart disease.

Short-term effects comprise the throat and nose, eye irritation, infections of upper respiratory such as pneumonia and bronchitis. Other symptoms of short-term effect include allergic, nausea, and headaches.

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